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People are hungry while food is available

I've noticed, that sometimes in Frostpunk I have a warning about hungry (or even starving) people, even while I have processed (cooked) food available. When I've tried to find those hungry people, ...
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When the temperature in a building is already "freezing", does it matter how "freezing" it is?

In the later phases of the game's campaign, it is possible for buildings to get so cold that even if you take efforts to get them warmer (heaters, steam conduits...) they are still marked as "freezing"...
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What choices impact the ending slide Evil-o-Meter?

I just finished my first playthrough of Frostpunk (choosing Order), and got the "you suck, you monster" ending. This surprised me, because although I wasn't specifically aiming at a particular ending ...
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Frostpunk: How do you get perfect 60 degree spokes

I see pictures around of people's city layouts and they always seem to have nice, perfect 60 degree spoke roads. Is there some trick to laying those out crisply? I can't eyeball sixty degrees and the ...
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How do I use a heater in Frostpunk?

So I've been playing this game for about an hour now and half of that time has been me struggling to figure out how to activate the heaters because I'm in some very bad weather. Thanks in advance. ...
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Can I delay the the loss of hope?

One of the goals of the first story drives you to send scouts south to make contact with another town. Getting to a particular landmark triggers a change in the residents, dropping Hope and raising ...
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