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Fixed shooter arcade game developed and released in 1981 by Namco as a sequel to Galaxian (1979). Players move left and right the spaceship in the bottom of the screen to avoid attacks and shoot up the enemy aliens arriving in swarms before assemble in formation above the player.

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2 votes
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Effect of "Version" setting in Bandai Namco's Arcade Game Series: Galaga (Steam)

In Bandai Namco's "Arcade Game Series: Galaga", available from Steam, there is a setting "Version" which can be set to "NEW" (default) or "OLD". There is text which says "Enemies become unable to fire ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Disabling Thief Ship in Deluxe Galaga

There's this nasty guy Thief Ship that randomly (although I really feel like he comes every time I have any decent amount of money) pops up and sucks all f your money. MonroeWorld says it can be ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Can you get extra lives (ships) in Galaga?

Is there a way to get extra lives/ships in Galaga? I'm using this emulation: Also I'd like to know it it's possible to get a triple-ship. i.e. .|^|^|^|. You ...
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15 votes
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Is the double ship beneficial in Galaga?

Is it worth getting your ship captured (and subsequently released) so you can get double firepower?. I know it helps kill enemies faster but it also doubles your target area - and some of the stages ...
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