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Questions about the history of games, conventions, customs, traditions and gaming terms, and how they have developed over time.

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What video games have been written only with C (not C++) language or/and Assembly language? [closed]

I am looking for video games that only contain Assembly language or/and C (not C++) language in their source code. The best example of this that I can think of right now is RollerCoaster Tycoon (1999),...
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Which game first introduced the concept of weapon recoil?

Context This morning while watching a video of Wolfenstein 3D from 1992 and Doom (1993) I noticed that weapons don’t need to be compensated for any recoil. Then on my trip down memory lane I watched a ...
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Where does the colour-coded item rarity come from?

In most new titles, especially RPGs, item rarity is colour coded in an easy to remember white-green-blue-purple-orange progression, sometimes with omissions (no green, no orange) or additions (extra ...
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What sort of hardware was used to transfer Mew at Pokemon Red & Blue worldwide events?

Many years ago when Pokemon Red / Blue was immensely popular, I attended a Pokemon tour in Melbourne. For attending you got a showbag with a Pikachu trading card (with a gold logo stamped in the top ...
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What is the origin of the standard color coding scheme for item rarity? [duplicate]

I recently started playing Hearthstone, and I realized I already knew the correct rarities of different cards without having it explained to me, because I'd seen it before. Stopping to think about it, ...
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Was the Atari 2600 the first home console to have a screen saver?

The Atari 2600 had a screen saver feature, where the colors of objects in the screen were randomly changed. Was it the first home console to have such feature, if not who holds the title?
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What is the etymology of the term "Console Wars"?

(After this discussion on Meta, the question has been undeleted.) As we know today, there is a competition between the holy trinity of the console gaming industry (Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft) about ...
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Who wrote the game 'The Pits'?

I'm looking for info on a game called 'The Pits', a text based adventure game which was on "The Source", a BBS computer system in the early 80s. Who wrote this game? Was it ever ported to more modern ...
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