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Questions about the history of games, conventions, customs, traditions and gaming terms, and how they have developed over time.

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What's the first game to feature sacrificing at altars as a general game mechanic?

In NetHack you can sacrifice sufficiently fresh corpses at altars for various benefits. Are there any earlier games where such sacrifices are a general game mechanic? Going by the TV Tropes page on ...
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What was the first game to have a "quicksave" feature?

Quicksave (according to Wikipedia, and my own experience) is a feature that allows the player to save their game state with a single keystroke, instead of (say) going through a lot of complicated ...
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Is Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road the first game to implement paid upgrades?

I went to the arcade recently and played Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road (long name) for the first time. I noticed you could put tokens in the machine with the purpose of buying upgrades for ...
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First platformer enemy to stun players by jumping?

In platformer games, there’s a fairly common trope/mechanic of an unusually heavy enemy that, when they land after jumping, stuns the player if they are on the ground. Examples include Sledge Brothers ...
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Who was the first boss who had multiple HP bars?

It is commonplace in current video games that bosses, most likely final bosses, have multiple HP bars so that depleting one fully reveals another underneath, usually a different color, or sometimes ...
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Where did the Waluigi myth come from?

A while ago, I heard there was a myth about unlocking Waluigi as a playable character in the DS port of Super Mario 64. I've looked around the internet for the origin but all I can find are ROM hacks....
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What was the first game to include a crafting system for non-critical in game items?

What was the first video game that allowed you to collect components or materials that had no intrinsic use by themselves, and then combine them into useful in game items such as weapons or food? I'm ...
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Who did what for the original "Shadowgate" on Macintosh and NES?

I am trying to determine who were actually involved in making the classic "Shadowgate" game for the Macintosh, and its NES port. On MobyGames, I read: Staff: David Feldman, David Marsh, ...
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