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a 2008 military sci-fi third-person shooter by Epic Games. Players take on the role of Dom or Marcus in humanity's fight against the Locust Swarm.

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Gears of war 2 split screen on Xbox One

I have one account on Xbox One, and I figured out how to play Co-op on Gears of war ultimate edition, locally, with my dad. Now I'm trying to play Gears of war 2 and onward, locally as well, with an ...
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1 answer

Where is the 'toaster' easter egg?

Where can I find the gears of war 2 toaster easter egg? I heard there was one but I never found out where to find it. I almost had the achievement but never got around to find that one.
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1 answer

Should I catch up with the Gears of War series or just start with part 3? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should I play GOW3 directly instead of going through GOW1 & 2? Like many gamers, I often purchase games and then do not have time to play through them. I now own all 3 ...
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Gears 3 chrome and gold skins

Does anyone know any sneaky ways of getting the gears 1 and 2 achievements easily to unlock the gears 3 skins? I know if you have a person that has gears 2 achievements you can use a glitch to get ...
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Quickest way to gain experience in Gears of War 2

What is the fastest way to gain experience in Gears of War 2? I'm well aware of the events that are regularly held that give experience multipliers. I'm more interested in knowing what gametypes and ...
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How do I unlock Golden Guns in Gears of War 2?

Noticed that while playing Gears of War 2 on Xbox Live, some of the other players will be running around and shooting down the horde with golden lancers and hammerbursts. Where are they getting ...