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How to upload saves to Steam Cloud without having the game installed locally?

I need to upload a save file to Steam Cloud for use on Geforce Now (that reads saves from Steam Cloud). The game won't install locally on my Mac, so I need to do it without installing the game. Is ...
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Is there any way to gift a Geforce Now priority membership to someone account?

One of my friend is playing with US through Geforce Now. For his birthday we would like to gift him one year of Geforce Now: I dont know if it is actually possible. Since it is a gift, we would like ...
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Can GeforceNOW founders change server locations?

If I buys the premium membership of GeforceNOW called "Founding members" in the US , can I change the servers in EU? Simply a matter of costs. Reason is the founder members plan costs 24.95 ...
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