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Geometry Dash is a 2D music platformer developed by RobTop in which the player has to move a Square through various obstacles.

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Will changing my Geometry Dash username affect my levels?

I would like to change my Geometry Dash username. I know how, but will all my posted levels still have my old name and will changing the username negatively affect them? I have changed my name and ...
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Geometry Dash: Having Problems

I am having several problems with geometry dash (update 2.0). The game starts up just fine, and I don't have limited access to the game, but whenever I tap the profile button, it always says "...
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Changing my geometry dash username once it has already been changed once

So I had my geometry dash name as the same as my YouTube channel, then I changed my YouTube channel name. So I changed my gd name. But then I created a new YouTube channel, and I want to name it after ...
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How do I use a custom-custom song?

Analogy: In The Impossible Game, its level editor allows you to choose your own song by simply pressing Ctrl + A or clicking the "Open Audio" button. In osu!, you can simply drag any .mp4 ...
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Geometry Dash won't start, linked to libcocos2d.dll file

Whenever I try to launch Geometry Dash through Steam or through the executable file itself, the game fails to run, and no window appears. It had run fine for a while, and one day it simply wouldn't ...
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How to copy a main level to editor

A lot of autos levels available online seems to be exact copies of levels, but modified. How can I do so?
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How do I check my level password in Geometry Dash?

So, on some geometry dash levels people's description say, "Pass: 6473" which allows you to copy their level! How do I find my level password? Please help!
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Geometry Dash, How to change already set up account name?

I have already went on the settings in geometry dash and went on account and set up a account with the name of xSnowyMinx, after a while I didn't like that name and I wanted to change it. So I started ...
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What are the secrets?

At the Geometry Dash icon thingy you will find a star shaped page next to the ball or UFO's. I believe they are called secrets. What are they and what do they do?
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How can I get the 80 Coins & 1000 Stars Achievement?

In Geometry Dash you can Unlock new icons with achievements. Some of those are "Collect 80 Secret Coins" or "Collect 1000 Stars". Now when I look at the Levels I only see 15. Each of them has only 3 ...
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