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God of War is an action-adventure video game for the PlayStation 2 first released by Sony Computer Entertainment's Santa Monica division in March 2005. (For questions about the 2018 game use the tag [God-of-War-2018])

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Is there any benefit in opening green and blue or chests when Kratos is at full health or mana?

God of War still allows consuming green and blue or chests when Kratos' health and magic reserves are maxed out. Is there any benefit whatsoever using these consumables you may need later (the game ...
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How so I beat the Minotaur boss?

I’m at the Minotaur at Hades and I’m stuck. I get him down easily but can’t get past the QTE. I get the first two rotations to work all the time but the third ALWAYS fails. I just don’t get it. If it ...
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Does game time increase while paused in God of War?

In the God of War collection for PS3, the Speed of Jason McDonald trophy is awarded for beating the original God of War in under 5 hours. Does time spent on the pause screen or upgrade menu count as ...
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I got Hades' weapons. How do I get back to my Blades of Artemis?

I just defeated Hades. I sucked up his soul and got his weapons. But I miss my Blades of Artemis. How can I get back to my old weapons again?
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Damage mitigation in God of War series

Suppose that I'm using a costume that reduces the damage dealt/received by some amount. -Does it also affects my "circle combos",for example in GoW III at the final battle with Zeus one can throw him ...
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How do I check my current difficulty level?

While playing the PS3 re-release of God of War 1, I think I may have accidentally switched my game to easy mode after dying too many times. Online forums claim you can view the difficulty level while ...
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Is it faster to run or dodge-roll?

I'm currently attempting to beat God of War 1 in under 5 hours for the Speed of Jason McDonald achievement. When moving from from place to place, is it faster to run or dodge-roll?
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Till when are God of War Saga vouchers valid?

God of War saga is a collection of 5 games for the PS3, of which 2 are available through a PSN voucher code. From what I've read, the validity of the vouchers was extended till 3/31/2014 and then 3/31/...
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Randomly dying against Rhodes Giant

I'm facing a bug in God of War 2. I'm running the game using an ISO in the emulator PCSX2. When I'm on the first boss, the Rhodes Giant, I go to the catapult and throw a rock on him; afterwards I ...
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Can Kratos destroy many universes?

A guy said that Kratos can destroy many universes and is able to destroy the sun with one hit. Is this really true in the game?
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Can I play downloaded (classic) games after my PSPlus subscription expires?

I want to get a couple of PS2 classics on my PS3 but they require PS+. If I buy Playstation Plus and buy these "exclusive PS+ only games" after my subscription is over will it let me play the games I ...
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Did Morpheus suffer any consequences for his actions?

Did Morpheus suffer any consequences for his actions in GoW Chains of Olympus? I mean, Persephone was killed and Atlas was chained with the weight of the World on his back. But the only thing that ...
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How to complete the mini-game after beating the Giant Persian

I've just beaten the Giant Persian. There's a mini game with two naked women. I press O to activate it. I have to tap the two buttons shown. After that, there's an icon that represents a half circle ...
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What is the major difference in gameplay between God of War I, II & III?

I received my PS3 this weekend, and it came with a copy of God of War III. Before jumping headlong into the game and learning to play it, I was wondering what the major differences between the 3 games ...
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How do I save the Oracle in God of War?

So the Oracle is hanging from the rope screaming at me to save her, and I can't figure out how to get to the ledge. From the looks of things, I have to scale around everything, but I don't know how ...
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