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Questions tagged [gods-will-be-watching]

The Gods Will Be Watching is "A point'n'click series of dramatic puzzles about survival and moral dilemmas".

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How do you survive the first scene?

The first scene of this game is a hostage scenario, where you have to watch over four hostages, keep the police away, and manage the ongoing computer hack. How do you beat this scenario? Do the ...
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(Spoiler) Are there different storylines, depending on my choices?

In the second chapter where Burden and Jack get interrogated there is the possbility of Jack dying. However, even if this happens, he will be part of the next chapter. Does this mean that the ...
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What triggers suicide in Gods will be Watching, and how can I prevent it?

Gods Will Be Watching is generally good about explaining what you did wrong when you die. (How was I supposed to know I needed fire to stay warm through the night?) But I recently committed suicide ...
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