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A 1997 first-person shooter from Rare based on the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye. Originally released for the Nintendo 64, it has been ported to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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Why does frame rate matter for speedruns in games with in-game timers?

Watching this video from Karl Jobst, he mentions that the speedruns of several Doom ports must take into account the game's poor frame rate. I know the 007 Goldeneye speedrun on the N64 also involves ...
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Why did I get classified as 'Most honorable'?

Yesterday, I was playing the wonderful Goldeneye, for the n64 with a few friends. We ended up playing a match, first to 10 kills. I won the match by going 10 (kills) and 2 (deaths). At the end ...
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What are the hidden trophies?

I am looking through my list of Trophies for Goldeneye 007: Reloaded on the PlayStation 3 and there is one hidden trophy I am missing. If you order the list by "original order" it appears between "...
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MI6 SPEC OPS: What difficulty rating should I use to get 4 stars?

Playing on the PS3 version of Goldeneye 007 Reloaded. Just completed my first MI6 OPS mission (station - stealth) and I used default modifiers and got myself two stars for the effort. Bearing in mind ...
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What cheat codes exist for Goldeneye Wii? [duplicate]

I just recently found out about the cheat codes for this game, and the sites I've viewed have three listed: Does Goldeneye Wii have any other cheat codes?
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GoldenEye Wii splitscreen online?

I was wondering if GoldenEye 007 for the Wii supports online play for 2 people on the same console? Could my wife and I play online at the same time from the same console?
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Can I turn off blood effects in Goldeneye 007 for Wii?

Can I turn off blood effects in Goldeneye 007 for Wii? If so, how?
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Does anyone know where I can find cheat codes for Goldeneye 007 Wii?

I know that the game hasn't even been out for a week, but does anyone know if any cheat codes have been released by Activision yet? I know that they must exist since there is a cheat codes menu ...
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