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2 answers

Can I get just Gothic 1 on Steam?

Discovering the demo (so-called "Playable teaser") for a remake of Gothic, I got hit with nostalgia and wanted to play the original again. I went to Steam and found... That it's seemingly only ...
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Does the character Aidan exist or was he cut from the game?

In the New Camp, Wolf says that I can find Aidan "on the way to the New Camp". Supposedly he can teach me how to skin animals. Wolf also mentions two other characters who are among the first that we ...
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How to use/hold a weapon in Gothic 1?

I have obtained a weapon in Gothic 1: a pickaxe. However there doesn't seem to be a way to hold it? How do I hold the pickaxe as my weapon? Gothic 1 is all keyboard-friendly and have run through ...
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