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Grand Prix Story is a management simulator from Kairosoft for iOS and Android in which you manage your team and develop them from small town circuits through to the Formula One championship.

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What do the symbols next to car stats mean?

As far as I can tell, these symbols are never explained in the help menu. They seem to be indicators of quality (listed from best to worse, based on my experience): Concentric circles Circle Triangle ...
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Does the aura color in Grand Prix Story modify its effectiveness for different actions?

In Grand Prix Story the drivers will at different times enter what is called "Aura Time", during which they are surrounded by a colored aura. Performing most any action (research, upgrade, train, ...
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How to hire multiple groups in Grand Prix Story

In Grand Prix Story, I've just won the first Grand Prix. When I entered the championship, the game told me about how having multiple groups can really help (also every time you research/upgrade ...
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Can I actually do anything during the race?

Is there anything I can do during the racing section that has any impact, or is it purely just for show? I notice that when I press on the box containing the driver and car information it throbs, ...
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How do I make a masterpiece Mach car in Grand Prix Story?

I've levelled up my mechanics in both of my groups in Grand Prix Story to level 5. I've levelled up the Dragster and it's follow-ons to get to the Mach car. Sadly, when I try to build one, my groups ...
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