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a companion app to Grand Theft Auto 5 & GTA Online by Rockstar for iOS and Android. Players can create cars, reserve license plates, look after Franklin's dog, and access Rockstar Social Club features

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GTA V and the GTA V iFruit app

I got the iFruit app for GTA V and I was wondering, for the Chop training on the app to carry over to the game, do you have to be connected to the internet on your console or will it also take affect ...
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GTA V iFruit app

I have GTA V and I just downloaded the iFruit app. What I'm wondering is will I have to be playing online for the Los Angeles customs to work or even the chop feature? Or will they work even while ...
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How do orders work in the iFruit App for Los Santos Customs?

I have just ordered my first upgrades via the iFruit App to my online car. Roughly how long does this take to apply to my in-game content? Do I have to take money out of my bank to pay for this ...
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GTA V: iFruit and Xbox Live

I've downloaded iFruit for GTA V and I'm planning on getting the game soon. I don't have an Internet connection at my house. Since I've synced my iFruit, will I need to get online to play GTA V?
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Edit custom made number plate in GTA 5?

I created a custom plate using the iFruit app and I would like to change it to something else. How can I do that ? I try pressing on the number plate in the app but I cannot edit it anymore !
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How do I earn credits to teach Chop new tricks?

In iFruit's Chop the Dog, the Grand Theft Auto V companion application, what are the different ways to quickly earn credits to teach Chop new tricks? Playing the various mini-games doesn't appear to ...
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