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A series of urban warfare games known for its later sandbox titles. The plots revolve around protagonists rising through the ranks of organized crime. This tag is for questions about the series as a whole; for questions about a specific game in the series, use its specific tag.

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Is it ever explained how Karen/Michelle ended up in the IAA?

On GTA IV, Karen was coerced by Agent ULP to follow and track Niko. On GTA V, she is a high level IAA agent as seen on the mission "Three's Company". Is it ever explained how did she end up in the ...
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Do GTA saves on PS2 work across different language version of the game?

I'm currently playing GTA: Liberty City Stories on the german PAL PS2 version of the game, and was wondering if my savegame will work on a french PAL PS2 version?
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How were cheats for the GTA games on PC found?

I Googled around a lot but came across only 1 such example where some guy tried combinations (permutations?) on his PS2 controller. But that does not give me the reason how the ones on PC are found. ...
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What happened to "GTA: The Trilogy" on OSX? [closed]

I seem to be unable to dig up any official reviews on OSX port of GTA and besides of in the USA it does not seem to be available in any other country. I seem to be unable to find anybody ...
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Does any GTA game feature another GTA title as a mini game? [closed]

Are there any mini games inside any of the Grand Theft Auto games that is essentially a mini version of an older GTA title?
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