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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a sandbox driving game by Rockstar Games, and is the sequel to Grand Theft Auto 3.

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Why Tommy Vercetti killed Lance Vance and (the others) in Last mission of GTA Vice City?

I completed all the missions of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City many times,but I am confused that Why Tommy Vercetti killed all the people including Lance Vance at the end. Why did this happen? Can anyone ...
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Is there a way to get in and out Escobar International without our weapons being removed?

I'm about to play Check Out At The Check In, and I want to know: Is there a way to get in and out Escobar International Airport without your weapons being removed? A quote from the GTA Wiki article: ...
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How do I shift my weight on a motorcycle?

Is it possible to shift your weight in order to increase your speed on a motorcycle while playing Vice City on iOS? I'm having a hard time making some of the unique jumps.
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Where are GTA Vice City NPC Skins located?

I've been trying to locate the skin files of NPCs. Would anyone know where in the root directory they might be located in? (With disk installation.)
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How to complete Demolition Man on a laptop without NUMPAD?

In GTA Vice CIty, there is a mission called Demolition Man. To control the RC Helicopter, NUMPAD6 and NUMPAD9 are the keys to go forward and backward. Since my laptop doesnt have these keys, what ...
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How long does it take for the Steam activation key to activate?

I bought Grand Theft Auto Vice City for my Mac and it gave me an activation key to activate before the game can begin installation. I did this about an hour ago and I wanted to know approximately how ...
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How do I unlock the final missions in GTA: Vice City?

So I've never actually played Vice City through and I always seem to get stuck at around this particular point... Due to the sandbox nature of the game, I thought I'd ask for a hand here and see if ...
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Recruit gang members in Vice City

How do I recruit gang members in GTA Vice City? I completed the game 100%, have 200 hp/armor and unlimited ammo already. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City In GTA Vice ...
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Is GTA Vice City for Android faithful to the original version?

I didn't play Vice City the first time around, and was just wondering how similar the new version (versions - I assume this question applies to iOS as well) is to the original.
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iPad touchscreen stops recognizing touch

I recently bought an iPad 4 32gb Wifi. Whenever I play games like GTA: Vice City or Nova 3, which have analog sticks (most games are affected actually), it recognises my touch for sometime, but after ...
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