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Grim Dawn is an action role playing game (ARPG) by Crate Entertainment, LLC. Use this tag for Questions about the base game and the Crucible DLC.

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Pet bonus from Mogdrogen's Pact doesn't show on pet bonuses?

On my skill tree under the Mogdrogen's Pact, I have listed "bonus to all pets: 106% physical damage". But on the character window under pet bonuses, damage have a 0% displayed. The skill is ...
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How to remove map's fog of war in Grim Dawn

Just installed Grim Dawn to give it a try years after TQ and noticed that every time the player continues his journey, the map is revealed but the areas still have fog of war in mini-map and quest ...
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What areas of Grim Dawn were made accessible in version

The patch notes from 22 September 2020 mentioned: The world of Cairn has expanded. Areas previously inaccessible can now be explored. With them come new dangers, and rewards! I've discovered one of ...
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Is there a way to know cumulative bonus to a specific skill that comes from all worn items?

You can check the Character Sheet's second tab's "Character" section for "all skills" bonuses, but what about individual skills? Is there any way to check this (even involving ...
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Do weapon sub-types have any meaning mechanics-wise?

Wiki entry on weapons says just that: Weapons can be categorized into three main groups: Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons and Caster Weapons and only lists sub-categories of the above ones. Do these ...
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How can I tell whether a skill is a "default weapon attack"?

I'm playing Grim Dawn using a Shaman/Soldier classes. I'm using Primal Strike and Thunderous Strike (so I get lightning strikes on every attack). I also had points in: Brute Force Feral Hunger ...
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Grim Dawn: Skeletons causing meteor shower

I am playing Grim Dawn with all the DLC except Loyalist items packs. My character is a Shaman Necromancer (level 32) and I have no item granting meteor shower skill and no active constellation with ...
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Is it possible to batch-sell and move items?

At the time I would like to pick up and sell all items "magical" (yellow) and above, but I have left a lot of loot behind because I find selling and moving objects one by one monotonous, more so when ...
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Are there any quests that I can miss?

Are there any time-based quests that I will not be able to complete once I pass a certain Act of the game? Can I always go back and complete quests?
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What Skill/Build is this?

Five seconds into this video, there is a character performing a laser skill which seems to wipe the entire map. What skill is this? Are there build guides for this character? Can this character be ...
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Which attributes affect pet damage in Grim Dawn?

As always in a ARPG, I'm trying to build a summoner. I therefore chose Occultist and Shaman as classes. To me, apart from the obvious +% to pet damage, it's not clear to me what increases the damage ...
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4 answers

Can a single default attack trigger multiple triggered attacks?

Some attack skills, rather than being manually activated, have a chance to trigger every time you make a standard attack (sometimes with restrictions such as only triggering if you're using a 2-handed ...
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Workings on +% damage, elemental vs physical

Some weapons have +% physical damage, but it seems that this does not show up on the stats. Does it still multiply with full weapon damage? Because there are many +% damage stats, like +10% fire ...
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What does eating soup do to me?

I've found Ulgrim, a cook and got him to join me in town. As a thank he makes soup, I've eaten a portion of his soup, but I don't see any immideately visible effects. What bonus does eating soup give ...
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Can you have more than 1 pet at the same time?

I have chosen the path of the Witchblade, which means I am using the Soldier and Sorcerer Class. I plan on using the summons of the Sorcerer only. Can I summon a Raven and e.g. a Hellhound at the ...
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11 votes
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Can I respec my skills and attributes?

Am I able to respec my skills and attributes in Grim Dawn? Since I don't see the option in any character panels, where can I go to respec? I started playing but haven't seen anything about respecs ...
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