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Is it safe to build windows in Grounded?

I'm fairly new on Grounded: I've never ventured past the oak tree, and I'm only wearing clover/acorn armor. So, encounters with nearly every aggressive creature result in me fleeing in terror... if I'...
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Does Grounded on Xbox One support Mouse and Keyboard?

I just saw this cool game that came out recently and thinking of buying it for Xbox One, but I would prefer playing it with keyboard and mouse and not with controller, but I don't know if it works ...
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How do I transfer multiplayer progress from Game Pass to Steam?

Is there a way to export a shared multiplayer save from the Game Pass version of Grounded to the Steam version? A friend was hosting the game on their end, and I want to make sure I still have all my ...
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What is an effective way to farm stinkbugs?

What is an effective way to farm stinkbugs? What armor and weapons do you use and what methods work best (i.e. stand on a rock)?
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