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Questions tagged [gun-bros]

a wave-based action/survival shooter by Glu for mobile devices. Players control one of the 'Gun Bros' and work to exterminate waves of enemies using a widely varied arsenal of weapons.

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1 vote
1 answer

What is frag grenade in Gun Bros and how to use it?

While playing Gun Bros (Brother in Arms), I see a Bro Op update saying "Kill 25 enemies using frag grenades without dying" But I do not know where to get frag grenade?
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4 answers

Playing gun bros on Android with iPhone friends

I have Gun Bros on my Android device (Nexus S), and my pal is playing it on the iPhone, I followed the ingame instructions to add a friend to the brotherhood, but it doesn't work :-/ Is it even ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Starting with 200% xplodium bonus in Gun Bros

So last week I was surprised to see that I was starting out levels with a 200% xplodium bonus, and after each wave the bonus would increase by 10%, and maxed out at 400%. This differs from the usual ...
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Oh Gun Bro, Wherefore art thou so bad?

I'm playing Gun Bros and I'm nearly at the end of the first stage, but while I'm rocking an awesome gun, my bro seems stuck with some pea shooter. So this leaves me wondering, can I somehow upgrade ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What's a good leveling strategy in Gun Bros?

I'm playing Gun Bros on both my Android phone and iPad and off course want to get to the most bad ass weapons as quickly as possible. So I'm wondering, what's the best strategy for leveling up ...
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1 answer

How to determine what upgrades to buy in Gun Bros?

I'm playing Gun Bros on my Android phone and I'm at level 13 with ~4300 coins. And I have no idea what upgrades I should get to make more progress. Should I hoard coins until I can buy the more heavy ...
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