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Hack Slash Loot is a graphical roguelike for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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What does the Dragon Egg do?

I recently found a Dragon Egg while playing Hack,Slash,Loot, specifically in the Dwell in the Deep story arc. It appears to be an item that I can equip in my off-hand slot, but I can't seem to find ...
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Can I talk to friendly humans?

During the "Battle for Stormrise", you find lots of "Human (friendly)" characters walking about. They'll help you battle any demons that are within view and they don't attack you when you're the only ...
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3 votes
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How can I copy my class unlocks between computers?

I played Hack Slash Loot for a few hours on one computer (Windows version) and unlocked the Knight class. The Windows version of the game consists of a single .exe file and I didn't see any other ...
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