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Is this client modification for Half-Life Deathmatch safe to use on VAC-protected servers?

I made a mod for the Half-Life client that adds a "ding" sound effect and damage numbers when you hit an enemy player in Deathmatch. Would I be allowed to connect to multiplayer servers with ...
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Half-Life Deathmatch order

Does the Half-Life: Deathmatch and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch go in any order or are they just literally a deathmatch with no meaningful story? I want to know before I begin playing the series
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Increase size of some fonts in HL-2 Deathmatch

I've just built a steamos machine and have HL2-Deathmatch running perfectly. Unfortunately some of the smallest fonts are too small to see on the TV (highlighted in red): How do I increase the size ...
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I want the time left on the map to be displayed on my HUD

Is there any console command, setting or trickery to make this happen?
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