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A 2004 first person shooter video game, developed by Bungie Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the XBox platforms. The game is a followup to the Halo: Combat Evolved 2001 game from the Halo franchise. Use this tag only for questions concerning specifically this game.

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Is crossplay available for Halo 2 in the Master Chief Collection?

Is it possible to play a multiplayer game of Halo 2 from The Master Chief Collection between an Xbox One and a PC? The top result on Google says it will be possible in 2020. It's 2021 now, so it it ...
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Halo 2 PC no longer running because of d3dx9_31.dll

I have had Halo 2 installed on my PC for some time now and have never had any issues. Last night, my PC (running Windows 10) updated. After the update, I can no longer run Halo 2. Upon launch, I ...
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Does Halo 2 in the The Master Chief Collection still have all the same super bounce glitches?

I fondly remember reading about the super bounce glitches in Halo 2 then hoarding the knowledge for my use only in LAN parties! Keen to relive the Halo 2 experiences in HD, but do these same ...
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Can Master Chief be a leftie?

In some FPS engines (notably Quake and some Cube derivatives) you can change the handedness of the player (so that the HUD gun is on the left). Since I am a left-handed shooter, I prefer this ...
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Does Halo 2 only work under Windows Vista?

I have Halo 2 for Windows Vista and I'm considering upgrading to Windows 7. Will Halo 2 run on Windows 7, or is it Windows Vista only? EDIT: An update on this post: I was not able to make it work ...
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Can I purchase and download Halo 2 for windows online somewhere?

I have Googled this to no avail. Every place I've found that sells this game insists on shipping it. I don't want to wait I don't want to pay for shipping on a digital product that can just as well ...
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Is there a free Halo 2 trial to download?

Umm, just wondering this. I mean, there is a free version of Halo 1 Trial, so is there a free Halo 2 Trial? Though I'm not that bored of Halo 1 Trial, I just want something new to do. Please tell ...
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