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Questions tagged [hard-drive]

A hard drive (hard disk, hard disk drive, or HDD) is a piece of computer hardware capable of storing data magnetically on a spinning platter (or platters) coated with a magnetic material.

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Xbox 360 Elite Randomly Freezes

My Xbox 360 Elite recently started freezing randomly. At first, it would only happen after 1-2 hours of gameplay, but recently, it has worsened to happening roughly every 15 minutes of usage. When it ...
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Does using an SSD instead of an USB drive as storage increase emulation speed in POPS?

I've tried playing Crash Bandicoot 2 on the "Sony PS1 Emulator for PS2" (aka POPS, LBB-00001) using an USB drive as storage medium for the game on a SCPH-50004 fat PS2. It was playable but ...
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PS3 Slim 4.55 No Display, No Video, No Audio

I have a PS3 Slim 120 GB. I just updated to 4.55, and it got stuck while restarting the system. I force shut it down, and in doing so, I corrupted the hard drive. Now, I do not have any display (I ...
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Playstation 3 fan noise due to broken sensor?

I've had a 60GB Playstation 3 model since 2007. It got replaced by Sony because of YLOD a few years back. For as long as I can remember the fans goes up to full-speed whatever the console is doing. ...
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How can I clone a 20 GB Xbox 360 hard drive to a 32 GB USB drive?

My Xbox drive is beginning to fail which is why I need to get the data off of it. I have a game on the drive that is installed and the disc is scratched, so this is my only copy. I need to clone the ...
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M.2 SSD for system or separate gaming drive

I have a spare m.2 Samsung evo ssd. I want to install the new Microsoft flight sim on it. Should I use this SSD for the system drive & install flight sim on there. Or use this ssd as a separate ...
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How many hours does it take to backup the PS3 internal drive if it is 1.0 TB

How long or how much time does it take for a PS3 to backup a 1 TB internal drive to a USB external drive using the official Backup Utility?
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How can you play the same game with different accounts from the same folder?

I'd like to keep all my games on a different computer and the folder with the games then just gets mounted on Windows via iSCS or NFS. This certainly works for one PC using the folder. But I'd like ...
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