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A hard drive (hard disk, hard disk drive, or HDD) is a piece of computer hardware capable of storing data magnetically on a spinning platter (or platters) coated with a magnetic material.

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Does Xbox hard drive transfer transfers Achievements/Avatar awards?

I can no longer sign in to Xbox Live since the May Update thinks my first gen XBox360 is pirated (its not). Still, its pretty old, loud, the disc tray doesnt open all the time, loud, etc, so I am ...
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Does the 4 GB Xbox 360 have enough space for 5 gamer profiles and saved games?

I have just recently decided to buy my younger brothers an xbox 360 slim for their birthday. I would like to save as much money as possible so I am looking to get them the 4GB system. I understand ...
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Does installing a game to the Xbox hard drive help solve some of the glitch issues that can be associated with normal disc-only play?

I play Fallout New Vegas and I'm mainly concerned if installing the game to my HDD would cause the game to run without as much glitching, cause as anyone who plays Fallout knows, the game glitches a ...
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How can I transfer data from one Xbox 360 slim to another slim?

I'm thinking about getting the Gears of War 3 limited edition console and I already have one of the new 360 S consoles. How can I transfer my data between the two? I checked Google and couldn't find ...
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If I stick a blank hard drive into my PS3 will it work?

On Christmas Day 2010 my PS3 stopped reading discs so I bought a new one, took the hard drive out of the old one, wiped/formatted it and used it as a portable hard drive. But today I've found a ...
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Internal PS3 HDD Replacement

Is there any limit as to what size/type of hard drive you can replace in the Playstation 3?
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Can I backup or restore my old PS3 hard drive to a new PS3?

My PS3 just YLOD'd. I'm hoping its just a temporary overheating issue and if I just leave it off and unplugged for the day I can get it back on long enough to eject the game disc and backup the hard ...
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Is it possible to copy video files to the XBOX 360 hard drive with the latest dashboard improvements?

With the advent of the 250Gb XBO 360 and the latest dashboard improvements it seems that movie files (such as .avi, .wmv, etc.) still can't be copied to the console's hard drive from an external drive,...
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How likely is it that an Xbox 360 hard drive will die, and are there any early warning signs or indicators?

A lot of people have experienced a RROD failure with their Xbox 360s, but has anyone experienced hard drive failure? The 20Gb drives included with day 1 launch models are now 5 years old, and ...
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transferring old Xbox files to new a 250GB drive

I'm transferring old Xbox files to a new 250GB drive and the optical media update did not transfer. What can I do about this?
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Can I put a deleted PSN account on a new PS3?

So when I was living with my roommate he used my ps3 to download rockband songs onto a specific account which I basically let him use for his rockband needs. I recently moved out and once he gets some ...
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PS3 Hard Drive Replacement - Will a 3.5" ATA Hard Drive work?

I got some 250 GB Disks from an older server. It must be a weird server because these disks are 3.5" MaxLine Plus II, 250GB ATA/133 HDD disks, but nevertheless here they are. Do they fit in a PS3, 60 ...
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