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Questions dealing with real-life health issues related to gaming, such as muscle strain or vision problems.

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How can I prevent myself from getting stressed during gameplay in video games? [duplicate]

Whenever I get in a dangerous place or run into a dangerous enemy in a game, I just get pumped full of adrenaline and freaked out and it both makes me play worse and just doesn't feel good, it's not ...
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Invert gamepad button to avoid RSI

The driving game Slipstream requires nearly uninterrupted pressing of my Logitech Dual Action gamepad's "gas pedal" button for minutes at a time. My physical therapist agrees that my immersion in the ...
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How can we make it easy for a poor communicator to convey tactical information to us quickly? [closed]

My friends and I play Call of Duty Zombies modes on the PS3/PS4. We play with a headset for communication, which greatly helps us get to higher levels. Another friend just bought a console as well, ...
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How do I find a position/angle for mousepad and keyboard that I'm comfortable with?

When playing FPS or other games that rely on fast reaction/aiming, I often feel uncomfortable with the position and/or angle of my hands. I will frequently adjust the position of the mousepad, the ...
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Is it possible to disable camera sway and/or weapon bobbing in Quake 1?

Upon sorting some of my games into categories on Steam I realised I had the original Quake in my Steam library (bought as part of a Steam sale pack no doubt), and decided to give it a go. ...
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Feeling dizzy with Metal Gear Solid V

I started playing the game, and I had to stop multiple times, because I was feeling very dizzy. I looked at the configuration menu, and disabled the camera shake, but it's still enduring. Is there a ...
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How to avoid becoming stressed while playing endurance games? [closed]

Although I am asking for Super Hexagon, I've noticed there is a multitude of games (rhythm games in particular) where the more stressed I am, the worse I play and/or are more likely to make a mistake. ...
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Left thumb pain from using Xbox One Controller?

I was playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on my Xbox One. The problem is that after some time (50 mins+), my left thumb started to hurt. I kept on playing, and even after stopping, my thumb kinda ...
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Gaming with an ergonomic keyboard?

I'm thinking about about buying an ergonomic keyboard, but, I'm worried about gaming with it because I had never owned one. I currently have at my eyes at the "Perixx PERIBOARD-512". Are ergonomic ...
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What is causing motion sickness when using the Oculus Rift?

I'm pretty resistant to motion sickness (car, train, sea) and I can play more than one hour with the Rift without any problem. But a friend of mine just tested it and couldn't bear it for more than 5 ...
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Why do I get sick when I'm lost (in a game)? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I prevent Gaming Sickness? (I'm not sure if this is where I should ask this but it's related to gaming so...) This usually happens when I'm playing a FPS but it can ...
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What are some WASD alternate control schemes to avoid repetitive strain injury?

There are a lot of games out there that assume that players will use WASD as their keys to move the player (ie. most flash games). I don't use WASD as my player control when using keyboard and mouse. ...
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What is visual strobing and how can I reduce it?

In the question "How can I prevent Gaming Sickness?", the answer given by GalacticCowboy suggests reducing "visual strobing" as well as increasing framerate. I get how to increase the framerate in ...
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Is a trackball good for playing games?

I toy with the idea of purshasing a trackball, because I've heard it will greatly reduce the strain of the hand, that normally occurs when using a mouse. But I have some doubts if it will fit all my ...
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Trouble getting to sleep after gaming session

If I've played for about an hour or two directly before going to bed I have trouble getting to sleep. Images of the game are still in my head and it takes some time before I can find some sleep. ...
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Dry eye from not blinking enough

Sometimes when I play games that require a lot of focus (CS, Starcraft 2) after 10-20 minutes of game I notice that my eyes are red, from not blinking enough. If this happens to you too how do you ...
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How do I limit my gaming?

I love to play games, but being married now and going to school I find myself falling into the pit of spending too much time gaming. What are some good techniques to limiting my game-play so that I ...
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Dizzyness playing first and third person games

I get dizzy and my head starts to hurt when playing games like: hellgate london SW: jedi knights series third person rpgs like Risen first person view in fallout 3 some first person shooters, I ...
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How do you cope with nausea in FPS? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I prevent Gaming Sickness? I find that in some of the first person shooters (HL2, Doom3), I get extremely nauseated. How do you guys cope with it? or is it just me?
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Techniques to deal with game 'addiction' [closed]

I'm sure it's happened to all of you that around midnight you realize you've been playing for four or five hours more than you had time for tonight and it's not first time this week. (well maybe not ...
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Hand exercises after a gaming session?

I hope this is not off-topic, but this is important for me, and I assume to many other gamers as well. Unlike most other computer applications, many PC games make liberal use of the mouse for most ...
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How can I prevent Gaming Sickness?

Some gamers call me a wimp, but games like Spyro send me reeling and running for the bathroom in a matter of minutes. I get a massive headache, nausea, and sick to my stomach. I can play Portal, Ape ...
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How can I play without breaking my thumbs?

I have 'Katamari Damacy', and love it, except I have an extremely hard time controlling the rolling ball. It always feels awkward to me, and when I settle into playing, my thumbs quickly begin to ache ...
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