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Questions tagged [hello-neighbor]

Hello Neighbor is a Stealth Horror game published by tinyBuild where the player is tasked to break into their neighbor's house in order to figure out the mystery within his basement without getting caught.

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Globe not freezing the water (Act 3 full game)

In Hello Neighbor act 3, you need to grab the globe, freeze it in your freezer, and then put it in the little spherical holder. After that, it says that you can go up to the water that is blocking off ...
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The Player's Appearence

We haven't seen what the player in the game Hello Neighbor looked like. There is no third person mode in the game in any version (Pre-Alpha, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3). Is there any way to find out ...
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What is the platform underneath the map?

When escaping the map and jumping off, you can find a blackish rectangular prism underneath. What is this platform used for?
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