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A massively online free-to-play FPS by Reto-Moto set in World War II.

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Can I switch faction once I have chosen one?

If I have chosen a faction in Heroes and Generals, can I change this faction at a later stage (before the "war" has ended?)
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How is the shooting and hitting managed in common shooter online multiplayer games? [closed]

How is generally managed the shooting and hitting targets in online shooter games? How it is decided who is actually hit if two players are moving and shooting at each other? Is it decided by server ...
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How to unlock (not buy) a TRUCK, 1/4 TON, 4X4 in Heroes and Generals

I can't seem to drive this vehicle when it is locked. I have tried holding E when i am by the driver's door but i just go into the gunner seat.
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How do you switch between classes?

I recently bought the tanker and I was in a battle with it. The environment of the battle changed, so I wanted to switch from my tanker to my infantryman mid-battle. Is this possible? If so, how do I ...
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Heroes and generals most efficient progression strategy

What is the most efficient (fastest) strategy to progress in heroes and generals?
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