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A tower defense game for iOS and Android.

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1 answer

HexDefense level buying broken?

HexDefense allows you to earn or buy credits that can be used to buy more levels. However, that feature appears to be broken for me. Is the service down?
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1 answer

How can I get the Stockpiler achievement in Hexdefense for Android?

How do you get the Stockpiler? It seems impossible to "complete eight waves without spending a cent". Do you use no towers or just use the ones given?
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2 votes
1 answer

What is the towers' damage?

In HexDefense, what is the actual damage each tower type (and its upgrades) do? Having this information will be helpful for maximizing the damage output of my layout. I care less about the actual ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How to beat Hex-Defense lvl 32 Border Patrol on hard?

I've almost finished the latest update for Hex Defense (which adds all levels upto 35). I beat all levels on Normal and all but one on hard, so I know the basics well. With beating I mean advancing in ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Is it possible to clear Hex Defense levels in "hard" mode?

It didn't take me too long to clear the first three levels (lite/free/demo version of Hex Defense) in "Easy" mode. But I've been trying for days to play in "Hard" mode and can not get past even the ...
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1 answer

How does the scoring work for Hex Defense?

I've completed all the levels on Hex Defense with my android phone. Now I'm replaying the levels going for high scores. However, I can't tell how the scores are calculated. It's pretty obvious that ...
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