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Hill Climb Racing is a free, ad-supported physics based racing game with a variety of levels (including the moon) with upgrade-as-you-go gameplay

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All 24 cans in Suburbs in Hill Climb Racing?

What are the meters for all 24 cans in Hill Climb Racing? What do you get out of collecting them all? What is the farthest you have to go to collect them all?
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How do you "ride the neon dragon"?

How do you ride the neon dragon on Hill Climb Racing? I am trying to get the "Neon King" achievement but every time I managed to get on, I fall back down. (Neon King is at the bottom left)
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How do you do a neck flip?

I've seen 0 x Neck Flip but sometimes I wonder how to do one. Does anybody have any idea how to do one?
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How does engine placement in a Custom Vehicle affect gameplay?

The most interesting vehicle slot in the game, the Garage, has three different parts: The vehicle construction, the wheels and the engine. The wheels and the engine have adjustable placement. Being ...
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Are levels in Hill Climb Racing procedurally generated?

In Hill Climb Racing, your progress is limited by a few factors: crashing, running out of fuel and reaching unclimbable obstacles. However, after playing the game for some time, I have still seen no ...
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Is there an end in Hill Climb Racing?

Is it infinite? Has anyone seen its end?
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Which stage is best for getting maximum coins?

In Hill Climb Racing, I lack coins. So, in which stage would I be able to gain the most coins by doing tricks and collecting coins left on the stage?
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What is the 'Boost' gauge used for?

A lot of different cars have the 'RPM' gauge, which is fairly obvious that it acts similarly to an RPM gauge on a normal car. However, I have no idea what the 'Boost' gauge does - is there a certain ...
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Best vehicle for roller coaster stage [duplicate]

In the roller coaster stage, I tried to use Tank, Kiddie express and Jeep but none of them went farther than 964m. Which vehicle is suitable for this stage?
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Which vehicle is more appropriate for the mountain stage of Hill Climb Racing? [duplicate]

Which vehicle is more appropriate for the "Mountain" stage of Hill Climb Racing?
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What vehicles are well-suited for each stage?

In Hill Climb Racing we have several vehicles and several stages. Different vehicles have different performances on the same stage, and I'd like to know what are the best combinations to maximize ...
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