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Questions tagged [hitman-blood-money]

a 2006 stealth action game by IO Interactive. Playing as ruthless Hitman Agent 47, Players must perform a series of assassinations across the world in various locations while attempting to remain undetected.

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What are all the mission rating requirements in Hitman: Blood Money?

Is there a complete list of every mission rating and requirement of getting that rating? So far I have seen only incomplete lists
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Permanent in-mission saves in Hitman blood money?

In Hitman 4, it's not possible to have permanent in-mission saves. I mean by "permanent", those you can have even after you exit the game and launch it later. I've tried to minimize the game, copy ...
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What does the yellow star mean on the minimap in Hitman Blood Money?

What does the star with an S in it represent?
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Murder of crows silent assassin rating

In the murder of crows I knocked out Raymund and Angelina and threw them of the railing, but got a professional rating, I tried dropping the piano on Angelina and also got the professional rating, so ...
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Hitman: Blood Money "you better watch out ..." Dropping bug

In the you better watch out mission when you drop any thing with the G key or even try to store weapons in cases, the game crashes. This makes it very hard to achieve a silent assassin rating. Is ...
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What counts as 'close combat' in Hitman: Blood Money?

The last time I played the game, I got 3 "close combat kills" on the second mission "a vintage year" and 1 accidents which didn't give me 'Silent Assassin' rating. So, I looked it up what I was doing ...
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When are dead bodies discovered?

In Hitman: Blood Money guards can discover dead bodies, which has the effect of raising general suspicion and potentially blowing your disguise (as well as lowering your rating at the end of the ...
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Hitman Blood Money freezes

I'm playing Hitman Blood Money on Windows 7 6-4bit. When starting the mission entitled "The murder of the crows" it crashes. Does anyone know about this issue?
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