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ICO is about a young boy with horns must escort an almost ephemeral princess through a decaying castle filled with her mother's shadow monsters. Originally released for the PlayStation 2, an HD version was released for the PlayStation 3 bundled with Shadow of the Colossus.

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Is there a way to control Yorda in your first playthrough?

My girlfriend and I just really enjoyed playing through Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons together and I figured she'd probably enjoy ICO too. We have the PS3 HD remake of the original but I haven't ...
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What's the "correct" method to pass the water wheel?

I'm working towards the Castle Guide trophy in the HD version of ICO for the PS3, which requires you to complete the game under 2 hours. One point that takes a considerable amount of time to pass is ...
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Is there anything I might miss starting out playing Ico?

I have just started playing Ico and there is no help at the beginning, you're just supposed to figure out what to do. Which I like, its just I want to know if there's anything I can miss at the ...
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What do I do after I make the chandelier fall?

I've just gotten past the crane sequence and I'm now in a two-story chamber where I can climb around in the rafters. I hopped on the chandelier and broke it. Now part of the chandelier is on the ...
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How many versions of "Ico" are there?

As seen on this question about Ico, there are different versions of this game with slightly different puzzles in some rooms. Many walkthroughs and youtube videos published show different solutions for ...
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How do I get out of large room with a pipe around the top (after the waterfall)?

After finishing the waterfall area, you cross a bridge with a fence on either side, and enter a large open room with a ladder to the top. At the top of the ladder there is a pipe that goes most of the ...
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Viewing Yorda's subtitles

I missed out on playing this on the PS2 and have just finished it on the PS3 and thought it was ace! I remember reading somewhere that on the 2nd play through Yorda's subtitles were translated but I'...
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Are ICO and Shadow of The Colossus related to each other?

Now when the ICO+Shadow of Colossus Collection is out for the PS3, I was wondering that are these games some how related to each other? Is it better to play ICO first or vice versa? EDIT: After ...
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