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Why does it take so long to "recall events"? What's really happening during this time?

I recently initialized my PS4, wiping its internal memory completely. Today, I reinstalled inFAMOUS First Light and downloaded my latest save game from the Playstation Online Storage. Upon first ...
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Playing while downloading game in the PS4

So, I was downloading Infamous: First Light on the PS4 and the total size it says "9.6gb" to my surprise at 6 and something I could start the game, but some "data app" has started downloading. My ...
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What's the reason for the discrepancy in the backstory involving Fetch and her brother?

In Infamous First Light, Fetch kills her brother, Brent, on a trip accidentally while she is under the effect of drugs that she gets injected with. In Infamous Second Son, the story about Fetch is ...'s user avatar
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