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free DLC for Infamous: Second Son, expanding the universe and gameplay. Players complete missions online and in game to unravel mysteries surrounding the cover-up of a violent suicide. Players can link their Paper Trail progress into their Second Son game, resulting in a series of minigame missions and a continuation of the story.

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What to do when getting "Could not authenticate you from facebook beacause 'Csrf detected'?

I'm getting the below error message: Could not authenticate you from Facebook because "Csrf detected"... What should I do in this case?
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How do I figure out the second set of clues in Infamous: Paper Trail Part 2?

I figured out that the name is Paulson I just can't find the case number. What do I need to do?
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How do you solve the second clues of part 1?

That second clues when you enter the code on the Track Drone.
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Infamous Paper Trail cannot connect

Next to the mailbox it says: Connected to your online paper trail profile, checking status... Then it just sits there doing nothing. I don't have a Playstation Plus membership but I don't think ...
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How do I solve the first set of clues in Part 1 of Paper Trail?

I can't make heads or tails of what I'm supposed to do here; I've looked at the origami dove, the crime scene photos, and the detective's wallet, but I can't figure out what Delsin's Phone is supposed ...
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