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Inside is a 2016 puzzle-platformer adventure video game developed and published by independent studio Playdead for the Xbox One and Windows PC.

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How to throw the crate in Inside on iOS?

In the end of Inside, after you you need to throw a crate up several times to proceed. On iOS, to interact with objects, you need to press and hold, that makes you take the crate. Swiping up and ...
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What does the ending mean?

Just finished Inside. My response was: Did I miss something? Do I need to do anything during the game to get a different ending? If so, can I do those things by skipping around the checkpoints and ...
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What is the controller scheme?

I'm interested in playing Inside on my PS4. We only have one television so I'd like to play remotely on my PS Vita, but only if the L3/R3 buttons aren't used as they are almost impossible to trigger. ...
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What is the explanation for the water scene?

At some part of the game when you venture to the underwater parts of the facility
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Why do different codes work to get the secret ending in INSIDE?

INSIDE has a secret ending that can be accessed by I have seen different codes published to unlock this secret ending. A popular one, on, appears to be: However, I used another one I ...
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Are there spiders in Inside?

I have quite severe arachnophobia. It is so severe that even though I've recently acquired Limbo on Steam through the temporary free event, I haven't played it yet because I saw a Youtuber play it and ...
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