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Iron Brigade (formerly known as Trenched) is a Double Fine game that is an alternate history World War II game. In WWI, 2 paraplegic soldiers heard an extra-terrestrial broadcast that made them geniuses. Once invented television, the other made the mobile trench, a bipedal walker that various guns could be attached to. The gameplay is a hybrid of tower defense and 3rd-person shooter. The main enemies are the monovision, monsters made of televisions.

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What are all the special loot drops in survival mode?

In the newly renamed Iron Brigade the new survival mode has special loot drops for lasting a certain number of rounds, etc. What are all the new survival loot drops and what are the conditions to get ...
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How do trench-mounted flak cannons affect enemies?

In Iron Brigade, the Flak emplacements will only attack aerial targets. However, there are some machine guns that have the Flak ability, and their descriptions indicate that they are for anti-air use. ...
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