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Bidiots - why does artist not get money purchasing your own painting

This question is about the bidiots game in the jackbox party pack. I believe when you purchase a painting, the artist will receive half of the payment at the end of the game (and presumably the "...
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How many players are required to play the Jackbox party games?

I’m looking at purchasing the Jackbox party games (a bundle containing the first three party packs) and am wondering, how many players are required to play? Is it possible for just two people to play, ...
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How can I stream (Jackbox) with the lowest latency possible?

My friends and I would like to play Jackbox Party Pack online. The only way to do this is to have one person host the game, and stream the video to the other players. The problem is that Steam ...
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In Bidiots, what do the texts from the art buyers mean?

The texts that players receive from art buyers range from incredibly useful to obviously meaningless. For example, a text along the lines of Don't let player fool you, they know exactly how much this ...
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