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Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony is a vertical scrolling, top down "shoot 'em up" style game released June 2011.

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What are the requirements for titles in Jamestown?

In Jamestown there are several titles when you complete a level, such as field surgeon most gutsy most deadly privateer. Also, there are some team titles, as credit savers ...? While "field ...
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Why doesn't my memory editor table work after restarting the game?

I can't figure out how to keep my static pointers working for multiple play sessions. It's getting rather annoying to have to find the addresses at the start of every session. For fun, I'm trying to ...
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What is the most effective ship for soloing higher difficulties in Jamestown?

What is the most effective ship for soloing Divine and Judgement difficulties in Jamestown or does it come down to personal preference and skill?
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What's the easiest way to get "With Your Nose So Bright..."?

The Jamestown achievement for the Steam sale is to play a level with the Red Charge ship. What's the easiest way to get this from the start of the game? I'll also note that I'm terrible at this ...
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Is there a way to kill the pictured enemy?

In the second level, Dark Sector, there is an enemy - see the picture below. Not once have I managed to kill him - on any difficulty, neither as a single player nor in co-op. Is he invincible, or am I ...
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Does the difficulty of Jamestown scale with the number of players involved?

I've played Jamestown a small amount by myself, but mostly with a friend. Most levels are punishingly difficult near the end of the game and I really wouldn't want to try them solo. This has caused ...
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Do you need the Farce mode to get the Storytime achievement?

I've just finished the final level for the first time, and enjoyed the game epilogue. Steam dutifully informs me: Achievement progress: Storytime! (5/6) Uh... six? I've got my five sixths through ...
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How to pass the Barge Death challenge?

The second challenge of the third challenge pack is pretty serious. You must survive for 15 seconds, you're invulnerable for the first five and the next ten of those 15 seconds are entirely full of ...
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