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Journey is a video game developed by Thatgamecompany exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and which is distributed on the PlayStation Network. The game features the player as a robed figure in a vast desert, journeying towards a mountain in the distance.

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Journey has completely reset its own save data for no reason, how can I get it back?

I've just recently gotten the white robes in the game and have completed the game numerous times already beforehand. This morning I was playing around with the white robes, and then left the game. ...
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PS4 Journey, finding the level select menu

I used to play Journey on the PS3. I recently purchased a PS4, and decided to play Journey again. While playing Journey on the PS3, I was able to hit the Select button in order to open a menu that ...
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A console to play them all [closed]

I have a list of some gaming titles, some old others a bit newer (some being PlayStation exclusives) that I'd love to get my hands on. Can any if not all or at least half of these be played on the ps4 ...
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Does wearing the white robes affect matchmaking?

Having thoroughly enjoyed Journey on PS3, I couldn't resist picking it up for another few playthroughs after it popped up for free in this month's free PS Plus games. On the PS3 I played the game ...
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What's different in Journey for PS4?

Journey is now available for PS4. Is there anything different and/or new in this version of the game compared to the original game, released on the PS3?
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Why is there 2 Journey downloads for buying the game?

I brought Journey for the PS3 the other day and after i went through the checkout and went to download it there was infact 2 downloads, Journey Trail one which was about 500 MB and Journey which was ...
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How much replayability is there in Journey without multiplayer?

I've never played Journey. Apparently, it's extremely short (three hours or so front-to-back). I also hear it's wonderful. Here's the problem: My PS3 is not (and will never be) connected to the ...
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On the temple level at the end I lowered the water and found one of the ancient glyphs glow

On the Temple level I made it to the top and sat in the circle. The story played and then finished. I got up and turned around (faced away from the stone statue). Across the way was a glyph (shows the ...
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Can I beat Journey without using the jump button?

I've been trying to play through Journey without jumping (just for the fun of it). But thanks to a couple of problem areas, this seems like an impossible goal. The first problem are is The second ...
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What is the concept/goal of Journey?

I've been reviewing Journey as it has intrigued my interested, only problem is it is very confusing on what's going on. I've seen random walls appear with shapes almost like hieroglyphs, and flying ...
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How do I dodge the Cyclops snakes?

So I'm at the part of the game where you start seeing the giant flying stone cyclops snakes with searchlights. I've been almost totally unable to dodge them, and they eat my scarf when they hit me. ...
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How do I exit Journey properly?

I bought Journey today, and when I tried to exit the game I naturally pressed Start to open the menu, but there was no option to quit there. The only thing I could find was to press the PS button and ...
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