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Jurassic World the Game age problem

I got JWTG when I was 10 on my mother's phone, and a few years ago she gave me that phone so I still had JWTG. I'm over 13 now, is there a way I can change the age on my account so I can sign in to ...
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What is the most efficient strategy?

So in the mobile game Jurassic World the game you are charged with maintaining a park, growing your Dino's by feeding them and battling with a custom team of Dino's of your choosing. I run a basic ...
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Is there a way to farm DNA?

There are three achievements concerning DNA Stranded Part 1 - Hold 1,000 DNA Stranded Part 2 - Hold 20,000 DNA Stranded Part 3 - Hold 60,000 DNA As far as I know we can get DNA from card packs, by ...
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