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a 2010 sports game pack by Rare for the Xbox 360 that utilises the Kinect motion-capture peripheral. Players can play a variety of different sports in a variety of game modes, including Boxing, Bowling, Table-Tennis, Track & Field, Soccer and Beach Volleyball.

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4 votes
1 answer

What is the most efficient way to run in Kinect Sports?

I'm looking for the most efficient way to run in Kinect Sports and by that I mean the least fatiguing configuration of leg \ hand movement that corresponds to a fastest avatar movement in game. I ...
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Workout with wii or kinect

What is better for doing workout (yoga, pilates, karate, fighting games) - Wii or Kinect? Important for me is precission. The system should be able to tell me that I'm doing some moves bad, that my ...
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Bowling problem

Hi: When visiting my daughter, we play sports...bowling, in particular. I seem to do very well most of the time, but once in a while, as I'm ready to throw the ball, it will stay floating in the air....
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3 votes
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How do I throw a hook in Kinect Sports Bowling?

I was reading this question about throwing a hook in Wii Sports bowling (which I can do), and it reminded me of the one time I was playing Kinect Sports Bowling with my friends and their child. I'd ...
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Look, No Hands Achievement in Kinect Sports

I'm having difficulty getting this achievement. By "open play", does this mean just the regular competitive mode against the computer? Does this need to be on a specific difficulty? I've tried ...
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