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Questions tagged [king-of-thieves]

A 2015 Android, Apple and Windows Phone game created by ZeptoLab, mixing a platformer gameplay with PvP. The goal of the game is to steal the other players' gold and gems while building your own dungeon to protect your treasury.

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1 answer

Is there any logic to which potions you get from rituals?

In King of Thieves, when you perform a ritual with gems of the same color, you are awarded a potion. But is there any logic to which potion you get, or is it completely random?
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What happens when I finish the last totem?

In single player I can see there are a limited number of bases for me to move to and after each totem expires I have to move to continue doing rituals. What happens when the totem in the last house ...
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If I promote someone as a leader will I still be a leader also?

I'm playing King of Thieves and I'm a guild leader. I wanted to know if I promote someone will I still be the leader?
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King of Thieves Gem spinner

So when I'm playing and trying to steal someone else's gem, with 2 stars (about 35% chance), I don't get it. Then it gives you an option to re-spin. I spent 75 orbs to re-spin 4 times, and all 4 times ...
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How do you jump instantly upon starting the dungeon in King of Thieves?

Some player's dungeons kill me instantly unless I jump immediately upon entering. This is practically impossible for me; no matter how quickly I double-tap, I can only rarely perform this jump. ...
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How do I keep my gold?

After clearing the first league, I'm finding it difficult to accumulate enough gold to upgrade my hideout. Upgrades are costing 25-30k gold and it takes many hours to passively generate that gold. I ...
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Legal impossible dungeon?

In the iOS game king of thieves, can you create a dungeon that is possible to complete for the editor, but impossible for another player during normal gameplay?
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