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An action RPG developed by Warhorse Studios in 2018. Set in early 1400 Bohemia it follows the story of Henry, the son of a blacksmith who dreams of a more adventurous life. The game features a historically accurate narrative, branching quests lines, highly interactive world, and in-depth realistic combat.

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Is there a way to add a black outline to text in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

It's so hard to read the text for the quick updates (e.g. quest updates, etc) because the text is white and blends in with the sky. I always have to look down on the ground to read it. I was wondering ...
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5 votes
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Is there a way to continue the current game immediately after launching?

Many games, especially older ones, had a command line to automatically load the last saved game. I know that Kingdom Come is moddable and has a console, so I was wondering if there's one way or ...
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Does anyone have a list of areas with cooking stations?

I have been taking them for granted and am in Uzhitz with the need to cook some appropriated game meat. But I'm noticing I am possibly blind as a bat, but I sort of assumed all pub/inns had one. And ...
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