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Why does Sora go anti form when he is trying to go valor form?

In kingdom hearts Sora is trying to go Valor form but it goes wrong and Sora goes into anti form. Why does it happen?
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How to get 65 Heartless in the magic carpet minigame?

I'm trying to complete Jiminy's journal entry where you need to kill 65 Heartless in the magic carpet minigame. I always wind up at 62 or 63 kills. I think the missing Heartless are the Fat Bandits ...
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Why Are There Heartless In Kingdom Hearts 2?

In the first game, you seal all the keyholes, beat Ansem, the end, right? In KH2, you seal more keyholes and defeat more heartless, why? Weren't the keyholes sealed and the heartless beaten?
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