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Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] is a 2015 browser-based role-playing game published by Square Enix

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What does the "optimize" button do?

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X recently added an "optimize" button the pre-quest Keyblade select screen. When this button is clicked, it moves medals from your medal list into your Keyblade, but does not ...
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Can I hide new user's Donald medal?

Before entering a quest I can see all my party's medals, but there a ton of new user Donald medals that get in the way when looking for a useful medal. Is there a way to hide these low level medals ...
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Can I share a character across devices

I have an Android phone, and an iPad and I have Unchained X installed on both. But when I start a new game, it starts a new character on each device and I track them separately. Is there a way to ...
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