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King's Bounty: The Legend is a 2008 adventure role-playing game video game.

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Kings Bounty: The Legend - Does advancing/completing the main quest lock off any side quests?

I have noticed a few side quests being able to be completed in different ways and some that can be failed outright. I would like to know if continuing the main quest will stop me completing any side ...
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Kings bounty: Warriors of the north - What is this painting hiding?

I've encountered this painting inside the catacombs in Verlon.
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Does any version of King's Bounty contain city building?

Right now, there are seven King's Bounty games and countless DLC for them, I'm playing Legends right now. However, until now I can only buy units at preset locations and have no way to build my home ...
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How to show the life bar under units?

Does anybody know how to show that bar? It's disappeared...
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My children are useless. What should I do?

I've been playing King's Bounty for a while now and have picked myself up a wife. I was very surprised when she asked me to have a child, but since I did not want to upset her (luckily I don't apply ...
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Are the contents of chests in battles random?

When battling enemy troops in King's Bounty: The Legend, the battlefield will often contain one or more chests. I make it a point to open a fair share of these chests, which vary in contents from a ...
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What are the upgrade paths for the academy?

The academy only shows what unit type it upgrades to for existing units already in the army, and only if you've already unlocked the correct race and level upgrades. Can anyone provide or link to a ...
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I've run out of money in King's Bounty: The Legend

I've played King's Bounty a lot. I'm in the "Demonic" setting now with fire and lava everywhere. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of money left. Every time I encounter enemies I lose a large amount of ...
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How do you cancel the penalty human units gets from undead units, in King's Bounty?

I'm at the beginning of the game (more or less), in Marsha Swamp. My group is composed mostly of humans, but since I can't find anymore archers to hire, I decided to switch to skeleton archers. ...
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Useful King's Bounty units / unit combinations

The King's Bounty - The Legend and King's Bounty - Armored Princess games have an impressive amount of different creatures to use. I tried switching creatures often, but the morale system really ...
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