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League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Riot Games, inspired by the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

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How does difficulty affect XP rewards in Co-op Vs. AI matches?

Previously, in League of Legends, Co-op Vs. AI games would give different XP rewards based on the player's summoner level and the difficulty level of the bots. The old rates can still be see on the ...
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How do I contact a person from their summoner name in League of Legends?

I got a persons summoner name and tried to add them when I got home, but their friend requests were full. I was wondering if you could contact them another way?
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Folder create on desktop when playing

For several weeks now it appears that Leage of Legends is creating untitled folders on the desktop of my MacBook (the newest MacBook Pro Touch Bar) during playing. It seems random, sometimes only one ...
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Quick cast with indicator shows only range and not hitbox/area of effect

Same question was asked already, but the answer didn't work for me. On a new account my quick cast indicator shows the range of ability (circle), but doesnt show hitbox (line in which the spell will ...
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Retrieve chat log during game

I am trying to develop an application that needs to retrieve the ingame chat during your own game. This can't be done by storing my own inputs because I want to retrieve game chat from all players in ...
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Why will League of Legends not 'finish downloading'

I got in the game after downloading but it says please wait for the game to 'finish downloading' and I've been sitting here waiting for around an hour, but it won't finish. Why is this?
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Most optimal key combinations for summoner spell tracking

After watching worlds 2019, I've noticed DoinB tracking summoner spells in chat and I'd like to attempt it in my own games. Example: [07:00] DoinB(Sion): 1030mid 1040jg 1200ad [07:01] DoinB(Sion)...
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league of legends client connection issues

Ever since I started to play league (about a month ago, so not too long) I've been having a nasty problem with the client (the website doesn't like me either) never wanting to stay connected. But the ...
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How do I create a tournament for League Of Legends without using a third party site?

There are sites like battlefy which provide service for organizing tournaments. They give you a tournament code which you enter in the game. I want to organize a small tournament, set it up, and get a ...
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