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What benefits do 'perfectly forged' items give in Lego: The Hobbit?

When forging mithril items, you can forge a "perfect" version of the item. I know there's an achievement you can get for forging all of the mithril items perfectly, but is there any other benefit to ...
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What is the secret area at the end of Lego The Hobbit, for the 3DS?

In the 3DS version of Lego The Hobbit, after completing the end, there is an area that is only unlockable only after getting (to the best of my memory) 375 gold blocks. Any idea what lies in that ...
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How can I tell if a mithril item is a "perfect" mithril item?

The blacksmith's wife tells me that if I forge a mithril item "just right", it will become a "perfect version" of it. I assume this means not making any mistakes during the forging process. How can I ...
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