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A 2012 sandbox puzzle game by indie game developer Tomorrow Corporation

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What do the stars on my save mean in Little Inferno?

What do the stars on my save files mean in Little Inferno?
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When does Little Inferno save?

I accidentally burned a one-of-a -kind item while playing Little Inferno. I closed the game within seconds hoping the game hadn't saved, only to find my item gone once I started the game up again. ...
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What determines the amount of coins I get from burning objects?

I'm wondering what determines how many coins I get for burning an object. It seems like the bigger the object the more I get, but I'd like to know specifics. What determines the amount of coins I get ...
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What were the four Items I sent to my neighbor?

During my time playing with my Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace, I have been in contact with my neighbour and sent her (Sugar Plumps) 4 letters with items attached. What items did I send to my ...
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What does the border color mean in Little Inferno item catalog?

When I open any item catalog in Little Inferno, some items have a different border color. I can see a black border, a silver border and a gold border. What do they mean?
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Are there user profiles in Little Inferno on iPad?

Being in a situation with several potential players for the same iPad, I would like to know if Little Inferno on iPad supports multiple profiles. World of Goo had such possibility, and Little Inferno ...
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In Little Inferno, which items should I never burn?

In Little Inferno, the player burns objects. Occasionally, the player receives objects he would not be able to buy. These objects take some space in the inventory, which makes the game more tedious to ...
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