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Luigi's Mansion is the first installment of the Luigi's Mansion series. It was created for the Gamecube.

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Does the 3DS version of Luigi's Mansion keep track of how many times the game is cleared?

The GameCube version of Luigi's Mansion shows a counter for how many times you've cleared the game on a given save file, but I can't find this in the 3DS version. Is this feature still in the game, ...
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Is there any difference between catching 0 or 50 boos?

In the story, it is said that every boo you catch weakens king boos influence on the mansion. But in gameplay terms, is there any changes to the late game of Luigi's Mansion if you caught all the ...
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What is the easiest way to get the S rank mansion in Luigi Mansion original?

I got the A rank, but I can't figure out how to get enough money and gems. Can anyone maybe tell me about the secret rooms or hidden gems that are available? Is there a guide to grinding money and ...
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Result of catching all 50 Boos?

In Luigi's Mansion, there is a task that you can decide whether to accomplish or not: to catch all the 50 hiding Boos. I am trying to catch all 50 Boos, but I don't want to waste my time on something ...
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Is there a difference between the mansion and the hidden mansion?

In Luigi's Mansion, after you defeat the final boss, the "Hidden Mansion" is unlocked. But from the looks of it and the ghosts I am defeating, the hidden mansion is basically the same as the first ...
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Where is Uncle Grimmly?

In Luigi's Mansion for the Nintendo Gamecube, the lights to the entire mansion shut off after I approach the door to the left of the Balcony. Then, Professor E. Gadd calls me on the Game Boy Horror ...
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How do I beat Bowser?

In Luigi's Mansion, there is a part where you encounter King Boo and he transforms into Bowser. Bowser is a very difficult boss to beat, so can anyone tell me how to beat him?
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