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a 2009 gridiron video game by EA based on the NFL in the USA. Players can play as and organise their favourite NFL team, calling plays, creating game plans and building out their Ultimate Team

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9 votes
1 answer

Zone Defense Play Art Colors in Madden 12 (and previous versions)

I've played Madden for a long time now and I've always wondered about the different colors when one looks at the pre-snap play art for a zone defense. There are usually blue, yellow, and magenta '...
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2 votes
1 answer

Are there any equivalents to the nano blitz in Madden 10?

I have used the "nano blitz" on several occasions and it works almost everytime. Do any other plays in Madden 10 exist that allow you to exploit the way offensive lineman pick up computer players?
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Where do you see player progression in franchise mode in Madden 2010?

I started playing franchise mode and I don't know where I can see if a player improved after a few games. Also, how do I know how much he improved each stat?
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Does Madden 2010 Have Off-Season Drills

Me and my brother are playing a franchise in Madden NFL 2010 and we just finished the season. We thought there would be drills/training during the off season, but we couldn't find anything before ...
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