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Questions tagged [madden-11]

a 2010 gridiron video game by EA based on the NFL in the USA. Players can play as and organise their favourite NFL team, calling plays, creating game plans and building out their Ultimate Team

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9 votes
1 answer

Zone Defense Play Art Colors in Madden 12 (and previous versions)

I've played Madden for a long time now and I've always wondered about the different colors when one looks at the pre-snap play art for a zone defense. There are usually blue, yellow, and magenta '...
5 votes
1 answer

How can I give my opponent a win in Madden 11 online franchise mode?

(I'm not just randomly throwing games - there's a story to this.) In the online franchise league I'm in, we have a rule that games that disconnect in the fourth quarter or overtime are wins for the ...
4 votes
2 answers

Does Madden NFL 11 support local multiplayer?

I was looking for a game that my son and I could play together on our xbox. I picked out the game Madden NFL 11. My son asked "Are you sure we can do multi player on the same xbox?" I told him that ...
3 votes
2 answers

How do I throw the ball from the Wildcat or similar formations with run/pass options?

In Madden 11, how do you throw the ball from run/pass option formations?
3 votes
3 answers

Madden 2011 Rushing Tips

I am looking for some Madden 2011 rushing tips. Does anyone have any? I can generally get past a couple guys, but I can never get past contact. I have tried leaning into it as well as covering the ...
2 votes
1 answer

Madden 11 (Wii) Feature List

I'm looking for a list of features for Madden 11 for the Wii. I understand there will be a franchise mode? Does the franchise mode incorporate all of the usual features of franchise mode (free ...